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General conditions of sale

  DELIVERY: unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, prices are always intended ex your building site. DELIVERY TIMES: for the


  • DELIVERY: unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, prices are always intended ex your building site.
  • DELIVERY TIMES: for the delivery of the agreed supplies, Carminati Serramenti reserves a minimum time of 90 days, starting from the date of the definitive measurements made on the building site, with already walled-in sub-frames. Any failure to comply with the deadline for the execution of the works, does not entitle to any compensation, reimbursement or cancellation of the order, as the times of delivery are intended as indicative and non-peremptory.
  • TRANSPORTATION: the goods are sold carriage free.
  • INSTALLATION: installation will be carried out with qualified personnel. For more information, refer to the installation manual on the website.
  • PAYMENT TERMS: payment is intended



  1. The goods shall remain the property of the Carminati Serramenti until full payment has been received. Until then, the Customer may not dispose of the goods without the prior written consent of the Company. If the Customer fails to fulfill the contractual obligations for any reason or cause, the Company will have the right to deem the contract terminated and to collect the goods, retaining what has already been paid as a penalty for the non-compliance of the Customer, notwithstanding and without prejudice to payments of compensation for verified deteriorations and damages of the goods.
  • COMPLAINTS OR DISPUTES: for any claims concerning the quantity, species or type of goods supplied, Carminati Serramenti must be notified within 8 days of the receipt of the goods by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all materials delivered to the building site: the Company assumes no responsibility for any alterations of the materials after they have been delivered to the building site, due to any reason or cause. Any complaints concerning the quality of the goods must be reported to the Company within 8 days of the discovery of the claimed defects. No complaint concerning the quality of the goods can be claimed, not even by way of exception, in judicial proceedings, if the prior regular payment of the goods to which the complaint refers has not been made. Complaints regarding possible damage caused by repairs not carried out by personnel appointed by Carminati Serramenti cannot be taken into consideration.
  • DAMAGE FOR STORED GOODS: for goods that are ordered, manufactured, even if paid, in custody by the Customer, the Company disclaims all responsibility for any losses, fires, theft or damages of any nature whatsoever, however caused.
  • WAREHOUSE: all goods kept in the warehouse after the expected delivery date, for reasons not attributable to Carminati Serramenti, must be paid as if they had already been delivered.
  • COLOURS, FINISHES, FLAMING OR GRAIN of the timber exposed are a part of a sample and thus are purely indicative.
  • DRAWINGS AND MODELS: drawings and models prepared, and in any case provided by the Company, may not be copied or transmitted to others or used in any other way.
  • CANCELLATION OF THE PRESENT ORDER IS NOT ACCEPTED: without the prior written consent of the Company. In any case, even if the Company adheres to the termination of the Contract, the Customer will lose the deposit paid.
  • DISPUTE: for any dispute controversy or claim, no exclusions, arising out or, in any case, in connection to the interpretation and the execution of the present Contract, the Judicial Authorities of Bergamo shall be exclusively competent.




  1. Technical assistance and support by our technicians on your construction site
  2. Taking measurements on the construction site by our technicians
  3. Telephone notification to schedule delivery times
  4. Delivery of sub-frames to the construction site
  5. Packing of the goods
  6. Transport of the goods ex your construction site
  7. Installation with our qualified personnel
  8. Control and testing of the windows and doors at the end of the installation
  9. Release of energy certification for windows and doors




  1. Works management and design works are excluded from the offer and the costs shall be borne by the Customer, unless otherwise indicated in writing.
  2. The installation of sub-frames, shutter boxes and eventual embedded guide rails for mosquito nets and blackout blinds, unless expressly indicated in the offer, is to be considered EXCLUDED.
  3. A Building Contractor is in charge for the installation of sub-frames: the Building Contractor will be liable for all eventual misalignments (Carminati Serramenti may not notice any errors until the installation of windows and doors).
  4. Carminati Serramenti is in charge for the installation of sub-frames, only if expressly indicated in the offer: Carminati Serramenti will be liable for all eventual misalignments.
  5. The Customer is informed that everything not mentioned in the Contract (building works, electrical works, accessories, non-standard realizations, additional materials, use of scaffolding and cranes for material handling) is to be considered EXCLUDED and shall be quantified as a separate cost.
  6. Somfy motors (if present): Carminati Serramenti is able to supply electronic components and automatisms for the realization of centralization systems able to satisfy every specific need. The parallel connection of Somfy motors must be managed by electronic control units with integrated relays, as each gearmotor has a condenser. The warranty is void in the event of incorrect motor connections or improper use of incompatible electronic components.
  7. Mosquito nets (if present): motors with integrated remote control are not suitable for home automation systems. Always contact the company first for a technical compatibility check.
  8. The assembly of sub-frames with surface greater than 5 square meters and guides longer than 4 linear meters must be carried out by our staff on the building site and the costs will be communicated separately.
  9. The installation of pocket sliding frame for the Lift and Slide doors that slide into the wall and the respective embedded bottom guide rail must be carried out by our staff on the building site and the costs will be communicated separately.
  10. Permits for the passage and / or occupation of public land for unloading are to be considered EXCLUDED unless expressly indicated in the offer. The same shall apply to:
  • lifting and/or scaffolding equipment for transport to the floor
  • handling devices for glass and rental of the suction cups
  • unloading and distribution of the goods on the building site and on the floors
  • masonry works, electrical connections, centralization and temporary protections
  • waste disposal and cleaning of goods at the end of the works
  • labour health and safety costs pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008 art. 26 C5
  • travel, food and accommodation for technicians and installers

The Customer assumes the responsibility of ensuring adequate access for vehicles with the possibility of parking them, as well as leaving the architectonic opening free of obstacles for installation of sub-frames, windows and doors.




  • GLAZING: we are obliged to underline that the supply of high-performance insulating glass, consisting of selective and/or low-emissivity glass panes, may present optical impurities such as points or bubbles more or less visible on the surface with coating. These “optical peculiarities” do not constitute a defect, but belong to the intrinsic characteristics of the glass, in compliance with EN 1279 2018 standards.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW LIMITS RELATING TO THE SOLAR FACTOR (Ministerial Decree of 26 June 2015): the Ministerial Decree 26/06/15 establishes the minimum energy requirements to be respected, valid also for all glazing components of new constructions and renovation buildings. As indicated by the ministerial decree, windows facing from east to west and passing through the south must comply with the limit of 0.35 (35%) for the value of ggl + sh (gl = glass, sh = shading) as shown in the following table: Fattore solare
  1. The Customer declares to be aware of this restriction and personally assumes the responsibility of protecting the glass panes concerned in such a way, that they comply with this minimum requirement, using screening or shading elements if the technical data of the glazing does not meet the aforementioned requirements (FS <35%).

    The Customer is also requested to pay particular attention to the main causes of thermal shock and / or fracturing in glass, not attributable to Carminati Serramenti, such as damages caused by thermal stress, nickel inclusions, excessive heat concentrations or shadow casts. Finally, in the case where the opening is subject to direct solar irradiance, when using parallel sliding sashes it is a good rule not to keep the door semi-open, but completely open or closed, in order to avoid heat concentrations between the glass panes.

  • WOOD-ALUMINUM PRODUCTS WITH EXTERNAL CLADDING IN ATEX/INOX FINISH: the ATEX/INOX finish, represent an “artisan” product, and as such may present differences in colour due to different light reflections. The above is to be considered a feature of the product and not its defect.
  • LAMINATED TIMBER: only highly selected and qualitative laminated timber is used for the manufacture of Carminati Serramenti products. However, it must be said that perfect uniformity cannot be guaranteed due to the natural characteristics of wood. Any differences are not to be considered a defect, but a confirmation that the material used is certainly wood.
  • TIMBER: all types of supplied timber comply with the UNI-EN 942 standard “timber in joinery – general requirements”. In particular for laminated products, the reference class is J2, for solid wood products the reference class is J30.
  • VARNISH: the warranty on the varnish is the warranty issued by Company ADLER. It varies according to the nature of timber and the type of product. For more information, consult the Adler brochure.
  • WARPING OF LAMINATED TIMBER: laminated timber used in the manufacture of windows, doors and blinds, moves and bends much less than the solid wood, but being made of timber, it is not inert. Consequently, only those deformations that compromise the operating characteristics of the product will be considered a defect.
  • COMBINATION OF ALUMINUM PRODUCTS: several aluminium products with the same METALIZED RAL code may present discrepancies in the nuances.
  • ARCHED WINDOWS AND DOORS KLIMA 92: only for the arched part of KLIMA92 doors and windows, the third gasket on the frame cannot be applied.

The Customer declares to have a perfect knowledge of the Carminati Serramenti General Conditions of Sale. For more information about the maintenance, operation and warranty of our products, see the appropriate section on our website.

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