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Aluminium brise – soleil

The external aluminium packet brise-soleil have aluminium-magnesium alloy slats, pre-lacquered with scratchproof paint; they are 97 mm wide and 0.6 mm thick, edged on both sides and fitted with gaskets to prevent any noise. Each of them is fixed at the ends to the pivots of the guides thanks to slat holders which are invisible from the outside and wind-resistant. They have self-bearing lateral rails in industrially anodized extruded aluminium, in a natural colour or painted (dimensions 85×44 mm), with soundproofing and weatherproof inserts. They also have an automatic closing system in a lowered position and can be stopped at any height. The automatic lowering of the slats in the working position can be tilted choosing from 37°, 45° or 70°. The up and down movements are at a constant pitch and the end-stroke is incorporated in the rails for the limitation of the lower and upper final positions of the brise-soleil. In the closed position, the brise-soleil is blocked from the outside and provides good darkening. They are electrically controlled through a single-phase synchronous 230 V – 50 Hz – IP44 motor inserted in the technical shutter box.

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