Carminati team

At Carminati we believe in the value of each individual and in the potential that each one can bring to the company. We believe in teamwork, which is solid if everyone contributes with passion and commitment. We believe in professional and individual training and growth, because a company is made up of people, and here we will introduce to you our team.

Product Management

Francesco Carminati, General Manager
Francesco Carminati General Manager
Daniele Carminati, General Manager
Daniele Carminati General Manager
Norma Milesi, Export Manager
Norma Milesi Export Manager
Federico Carobbio, Export Advisor
Federico Carobbio Export Advisor
Giuseppe Ruggeri, Sales Agent
Giuseppe Ruggeri Technical Commercial Advisor
Vanessa Britti, Administration and HR Manager
Vanessa Britti Administration and HR Manager
Alessia Cinchetti, Administration Department
Alessia Cinchetti Administration Department
Myrna Gaigher, Marketing Senior Specialist
Myrna Gaigher Senior Marketing Specialist
Alessandra Salvi, Commercial Department
Alessandra Salvi Commercial Department
Yuliia Plesiuk, Commercial Department
Yuliia Plesiuk Commercial Department
Valentina Zambelli, Commercial Department
Valentina Zambelli Commercial Department
Alessandro Piensi, Technical Designer
Alessandro Piensi Technical Department
Monica Scuri, Technical Designer
Monica Scuri Technical Designer
Gianluca Nisoli, Technical Designer
Gianluca Nisoli Technical Designer
Sara Cisana, Purchasing Department
Sara Cisana Purchasing Department
Gianandrea Valagussa, Purchasing Department
Gianandrea Valagussa Purchasing Department


Enaim Allal, falegname del team Carminati
Enaim Allal Carpenter
Davide Cologni, falegname del team Carminati
Davide Cologni Carpenter
Omar Cornolti, falegname del team Carminati
Omar Cornolti Carpenter
Sebastiano Cornolti, falegname del team Carminati
Sebastiano Cornolti Carpenter
Cristian Ghilardi, falegname del team Carminati
Cristian Ghilardi Carpenter
Gustavo Cornaro, falegname del team Carminati
Gustavo Cornaro Sanding
Thomas Miano, falegname del team Carminati
Thomas Miano Sanding
Ottavio Rubini, falegname del team Carminati
Ottavio Rubini Sanding
Yacouba Sankara, falegname del team Carminati
Yacouba Sankara Painting
Halime Idrissi Sbai, falegname del team Carminati
Halime Idrissi Sbai Painting
Giovanni Ravasio, falegname del team Carminati
Giovanni Ravasio Painting
Arsen Beljalari, falegname del team Carminati
Arsen Beljalari Assembly
Fall Moussa, falegname del team Carminati
Fall Moussa Assembly
Gioacchino Panzica, falegname del team Carminati
Gioacchino Panzica Assembly

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