Tradition and contemporaneity

Villa Florence is a modern residence at first sight, that features two main bodies with linear geometry and wide and minimal spaces.

The outdoor area, organized in terraces offering an enchanting view of Tuscan hills, and the wall cladding of traditional and solid look, bring together two original constructions respecting both, landscape and monumental constraints. Thanks to the restoration project of Arch. Lorena Luccioni, the old stone oven and former concrete manure pit appear to us with new compositional and material dignity.

Villa Firenze, general view of the south elevation

Villa Firenze and Skyline Minimal Frames

This is the very first time that modern and thin windows of the Skyline Minimal Frames Collection have been installed in a strongly rural context. The result is extraordinary: the naturalness with which the Skyline Sliding is integrated into the construction is given by narrow profiles of custom lacquered spruce wood, its warm color perfectly blends with stone nuances and chrome accessories of the windows.

Villa Firenze, view of the Skyline Sliding with the wooden brise soleil

The small arched opening in stone and brick, originally born as the stoke-hole of the oven, becomes a fixed window and an elegant frame for the kitchen area. The delicate profile of only 37mm represents the perfect solution to maintain the arch’s original importance and visibility.

Villa Firenze, fixed arched window


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Lorena Luccioni


Maurizio Grisa


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