Villa Monza, cover image with tha main facade
chromatic contrasts for a house with a unique design

In a two-story apartment, played on white and dark brown color contrasts, every detail is essential to characterize the originality of the project.

White is the dominant color: walls, furniture, appliances and even curtains and linen respect the stylistic choice, giving the house the pureness and unique feeling of space. Parquet and other small touches in dark brown, on the other hand, provide three-dimensionality to the environments.

Villa Monza, view of the living area with white lacquered windows
View of the sliding door in the living area with brise soleil
Villa Monza, view of the Alu 90 lift systems in the living area
Detail view of the Alu 90 lift and slide
Villa Monza, view of the open space with a sliding door in the background
alu 90 and villa monza

The products of the Alu 90 collection match two main colors: in this project the window frames become a mean that provides the entire house visual and design continuity. In this particular apartment, the window is a highly customizable element that meets the most demanding stylistic goals.

View of the kitchen area with a two sashes window in white lacquered finish
Villa Monza, view of the bathroom window
Villa Monza, view of the bathroom window
Villa Monza, view of the lift and slide of the bedroom

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