Skyline Minimal Frames

Skyline Door

Perfection of style


Skyline door: with opening of one leaf, two leaves, three leaves, window and window door, with locking system and handles, fixed or with folding opening type.
Possibility to install either concealed hinges for a more modern design, or classical hinges for a more traditional look of windows and doors.
A range of wood types is available including oak wood and fir with different finishes ranging from the classic walnut-dyed to the “natural effect” to the whitened wood with typical wood veining in evidence. The Skyline System was patented in 2012 after an in-depth analysis of the market requests regarding new tendencies and new styles of construction.


Villa Ostuni, patio door with black retro lacquered finish

Wooden Skyline Door

Skyline door with flush internal/external wall mounting and without trims, for a modern and essential design.
Villa Saint Tropez, bedroom entrance with the Skyline door

Skyline Entrance Door,

entrance becomes light

Skyline Entrance Door, a solution characterized by both precision and aesthetics, the result of rigorous techniques based on reliability and use of exclusively top quality materials.
Keep in mind completely customizable wood nuances: our suggestion is to focus on a mix between contemporary and traditional, to add character to your home.

Skyline Door, ask for a personalized quote