Skyline Minimal Frames

Skyline Bifold

16 Meters of total opening


Skyline Bi-fold door allows a total opening of the frame.
It can be realized with up to 16 shutters with a maximum width of 1 meter and a weight of kg 100 each.
The extraordinary technical performances of this frame make the product perfect for someone who wants to obtain a continuity between internal and external space, creating openings of large dimensions.


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Wooden Skyline Bifold

Fir wood frame with white lacquered finish and crosspieces and dark "mordenzato" oak.
Skyline Bifold, cover image

Skyline Bifold Serie 78

The lightness of the bifolding doors provide the house with an airy and elegant appearance.
The white lacquered crosspieces add a precious detail and feature a typical English style.

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