The revolution in window openings

Carminati Serramenti presents the magnetic levitation Nøforce lift and slide door

Carminati unveils its latest technological innovation: the Nøforce lift and slide door with magnetic levitation. This revolutionary product offers an extraordinary solution for anyone seeking a combination of minimalist design and ease of operation. Let’s discover how the Company has made it possible to transform a 1000 kg window fixture into a technological work of art.

Magnetic levitation: the magic behind Nøforce

Magnetic levitation is a fascinating technology that allows an object to float in the air without any physical contact, thanks to the repulsion between magnetic fields. Carminati has embraced this technology for its Skyline Minimal Frames collection, giving birth to Nøforce. This system harnesses passive magnetic levitation to effortlessly move doors weighing up to 1000 kg.

Minimalist design and technological innovation united

The combination of technological innovation and minimalist design makes Nøforce an ideal choice for any environment. It adds a touch of magic and a sense of wonder to any space, transforming it into a modern, elegant, and cutting-edge setting.

The benefits of the Nøforce lift and slide by Carminati

Nøforce offers numerous advantages that set it apart from traditional window systems:

  1. Lightness and ease of operation: thanks to magnetic levitation, sashes weighing up to 1000 kg can be easily opened manually with minimal effort, making the window suitable for individuals with reduced mobility, children, and the elderly.
  2. New performance standards: the Skyline sliding system delivers exceptional performance in terms of water tightness and thermal insulation while minimizing visual impact.
  3. Frictionless operation and reduced wear: magnetic levitation eliminates the need for mechanical components, reducing friction and extending the window’s lifespan.
  4. Energy efficiency: Nøforce doesn’t require continuous electrical power or actuators for movement, contributing to the building’s energy efficiency.
  5. Quiet operation: the Nøforce lft and slide operates extremely quietly due to the absence of moving parts.
  6. Weather resistance: without exposed external components that could be damaged, Nøforce is an excellent choice for withstanding the elements.
  7. No magnetic field dispersion: the magnetic system is contained within the recessed guide and has no adverse effects on people’s health or interference with electronic devices.
Front section of the guide with Ironlev magnetic pads
View of a noforce lift with magnetic levitation
Top view of a magnetic levitation lift
Guide section with Ironlev magnetic pads

With the Nøforce lift and slide, Carminati Serramenti has opened up new possibilities in the world of windows and doors, combining elegant aesthetics with the power of magnetic technology. Learn more about this extraordinary innovation and transform your space into a modern and cutting-edge environment.

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