Carminati has applied magnetic levitation technology to the Skyline Minimal Frames collection, giving life to a one-of-a-kind product

Wood experience

Choose wood. Choose its timeless elegance and authentic style. Choose the material that embodies the artisanal crafts of Italian design and the true essence of comfort. Each frame is unique: embrace the allure of wood, the story of each grain and knot, and its enveloping texture.

Let yourself feel enchanted by its aesthetic appeal and conquered by the combination of cutting-edge technologies and exceptional frame performances. The excellence of wooden windows and doors marries the design.


With exceptionally thin profiles, this collection of windows and doors redefines the concept of lightness by providing a contemporary aesthetic that fits perfectly into all settings, from modern to traditional.

Skyline Minimal Frames stands out for its versatility, for the possibility of customizing each detail to suit the individual needs of each project. The window becomes a true work of art functional to the living space.

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Discover the richness of Carminati’s production and enhance your project with tailor-made products. From windows featuring traditional profiles to entrance doors; from internal doors with wooden paneling to darkening and sunshade systems: we provide you with a careful selection of products, custom made to satisfy any individual project requirement.

Carminati production design acts as an interpreter and key driver of new technologies and solutions that challenge today’s technical possibilities through the continuous development of increasingly cutting-edge, innovative and unique products.