three different styles in comparison

View of the white lacquered Classic patio doors with crosspieces

Skyline Minimal Frames collection comes in three different lines, each of which can be precisely identified by the style or material used. The distinguishing feature is the visual lightness of the frame, characterized  by an exceptionally narrow profile that embodies all the typical concepts of the Skyline family: essentiality, purity and elegance of the lines.

The three styles can be manufactured in all possible opening configurations: window, patio door, entrance door, pivot, bi-fold, curtain wall systems, as well as lift and slide doors in manual and motorized versions. An accurate attention to detail is revealed in all types: these are all highly customized products, able to play with the volumes of the pre-existing structure, to expand the interior environment allowing the maximum amount of brightness even in the presence of small architectural openings.

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