1000 Kg have never been so light
Noforce magnetic levitation lift-and-slide detail

Carminati Serramenti has applied the magnetic levitation technology to the Skyline Minimal Frames collection, resulting in a unique product with a strong conceptual impact. The result is nøforce, the minimal wooden lift-and-slide that uses the principles of passive magnetic levitation to move sashes up to 1,000 kg. Combined with the patented recessed track, the magnetic runner system developed by the Ironlev® company makes Carminati’s window frame even more high-performing and sophisticated.

Magnetic levitation is a fascinating system that makes it possible to keep an object in suspension without the need for an external energy source. This phenomenon is based on the repulsion between two magnetic fields, creating a kind of ” fluctuation ” of the object in the air without any physical contact.

This combination of technological innovation and minimalist design fits perfectly in any situation, and it is ideal for those looking for distinctive design solutions. The magnetically levitating sliding door adds a touch of magic and a sense of wonder to any space, transforming it into a modern, elegant, and cutting-edge environment.

View of a noforce lift with magnetic levitation

NØFORCE features

  • Lightness and ease of movement: magnetic levitation allows manual opening of lift & slide with sashes weighing up to 1000 kg. People with reduced mobility, children or the elderly could move a large sash by applying minimal physical effort compared to traditional systems.
  • New performance standards: the innovative Skyline sliding system, designed with a groundbreaking floor-recessed guide, ensures one of the highest levels of water resistance in its category. This thermal break system provides efficient insulation while simultaneously preserving the longevity of the sliding mechanisms. The employment of a flexible belt consisting of articulated elements enables smooth movement of even large-sized panels, minimizing visual impact.
  • Absence of friction and reduced wear and tear: magnetic levitation negates the need for mechanical components such as hinges or carriages, thus eliminating friction that could cause damage and deterioration over time.
  • Energy efficiency: by not requiring continuous power supply or actuators for movement, the nøforce lift can contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. The absence of motors reduces energy consumption and related operating costs.
  • Quietness: because there are no moving parts rubbing against each other, the operation of the passive magnetic levitation system is extremely quiet.
  • Weather resistance: since there are no components exposed to the outdoors that could rust or be damaged, the magnetic levitation lift & slide is an excellent system in the presence of the elements
  • Absence of magnetic fields loss: the magnetic system only affects the space contained in the recessed rail, has no negative effect on people’s health, and does not create interference with electronic devices.

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