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Carminati at Casa Platform 2023

We look forward to seeing you at the New Together Exhibition in Venice

From May 20th to July 30th, an exhibition entitled The New Together will be held in Venice, an event organized on the occasion of the Biennale of Architecture 2023. We are pleased to announce our participation to assist Studio Koster which, thanks to the Villa Piacenza project (Contemporary Country House in Val Tidone), was selected together with 140 international professionals, by Director Luca Molinari and his team of experts.

Poster of The New Together event in Venice

Villa Piacenza stood out thanks to its unique characteristics, based on the concept that holds dear the narrative desired and promoted by this exhibition: sustainability. We can recognize it in all its choices, from the position of the house to its orientation, from choosing natural or recycled materials to the interior layout, all in the spirit of simplicity and linearity. Curators described the Villa Piacenza project as “a child of a new age”, that is “generous and capable of representing the change we are experiencing and the solutions that can accompany this transition”.

Facade of the Scuola Grande di Misericordia in Venice
Banner of the exhibition on the facade of the Scuola Grande di Misericordia
View of the interior space of The New Together exhibition
Exhibition space dedicated to selected projects
Poster dedicated to the Villa Piacenza project
Detail of the project poster

Being part of the project with our flagship product, Skyline Minimal Frames collection of windows and doors featuring minimal profile – is not just a mere recognition. It means being part of a wider system, which takes into account a new design sensitivity that lays its foundations on the need to start afresh from “common sense“. We need to go back to building wisely, to curb land and resource consumption, reduce waste and generate forms of social collaboration which will project us towards the future.

Facade of Villa Piacenza

The exhibition will be hosted in a historic and prestigious place of art: the Scuola Grande di Misericordia, located in the Cannaregio district at the end of the homonymous foundation. This building – as is often the case in Venice – is a monumental space where history, culture and art dialogue with the beauty of the territory and the people who inhabit it.

View of the staircase and the event on the ground floor
Exhibition space dedicated to selected projects
View of the interior during the event
Welcome speech at the inauguration
Set up of the exhibition
View of the illuminated stairway