External Sun Shading Devices

Knee type opening

Two elements blinds with horizontal axis packaging of the knee type. Metal frame upholstered with wood. Movement consists of two laterally placed worm screws, driven by an electric motor installed inside the building within a box complete of inspection door.

Transmission occurs through steel shafts, self-lubricating cardan joints and oil bath articulated joints. Reduction of the friction between the parts is obtained by using the ball bearings and bushings. Number of engine rpm, start and end position, speed and safety during the motion are controlled and guaranteed by micro-sensors which interact with the functioning of the engine. All mechanical parts are treated with electrolytic zinc. For the installation of the shutter a 220V electric current controlled by a wall switch is necessary. This product does not have neither standard dimensions nor standard installation schemes, being this project elaborated each time according to the specific requirements of the client.

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