View of a production machine

Carminati Serramenti

the absolute quality of production process

General view of the warehouse with the various stages of product assembly
Raw timber ready for processing
Machine for cutting wooden profiles
View of the mechanism while creating the profile of a frame
View of a carpenter while sanding a profile
View of lacquered profiles hanging
incoming quality control Each frame part is controlled when received. If it does not meet standard requirements, it is stored to prevent it from entering the production process.
production The production process is based on a control and management system that includes all processing phases.
frame inspection The last production process phase is the window inspection with frame control.
identification label Each window frame is labelled with order and destination data to guarantee traceability.
window frame packaging Before shipping, the window frame is packaged and protected with shockproof sponge and protective film. Each window frame is equipped with nylon straps for easier shipping and handling.
View of an operator carrying out the testing operation
Detail view of a lift and slide sash with identification tag
Detail of the packaging of a group of windows
Detail view of the boxes for extra-European shipping


Our windows and doors are covered by the following warranties:

  • Anti-fog guarantee on the internal glass chamber: 10 Year Guarantee
  • Operating guarantee: 10 Year Guarantee
  • Durability of the varnish guarantee: 5 Year Guarantee

Please note that the above mentioned warranties are only valid if windows and doors not exceeding the dimensional limits:

TypologyMax widthMax height
Wooden windows1.300 mm1.900 mm
Wooden Patio Doors1.100 mm2.400 mm
Lift and Slide doors2.500 mm2.500 mm


Our certifications were obtained from the most prestigious national and european institutes.
All Carminati Serramenti products have CE marking, mandatory since February 1st, 2010.