equipped and functional wall panelling
Abaco equipped wooden boiserie

Abaco boiseries design takes inspiration from the composition of Roman cobblestone roads, a type of ancient paving characterized by repetitions of geometric modules of different sizes. Its flexible layout makes it ideal and adaptable to any surface area, from the largest to the smallest.

The panels that compose it are made of canaletto walnut inlaid wood. Wood grain, always arranged in a contrasting progression, creates a simple and refined pattern. An exceptionally narrow bronze-coloured metallic profile, protruding 4 mm with respect to the surface of the wood panelling and 3 mm thick, is inserted between the panels. In Abaco boiseries, it is possible to replace each wooden panel with bronze coloured aluminium modules – reflective metal surfaces that diffuse the light of the LEDs positioned on their perimeter, complementing special ambiance and suffused lights.

Wooden boiserie equipped with illuminated metal panels

modularity and technology

Abaco boiserie’s true strength, in addition to its great adaptability, is the 12 cm central strip, which matches the bronze profiles in terms of materials and textures. Placed at a height of approximately 110 cm above the ground, it was designed to assemble all sockets and technological devices in one place, allowing them to be physically moved from one point to another along the wall.  For instance, its potential use could be to accommodate the Dolby Surround system.

The structure is hung on the wall by means of a pressure fixing system, both vertical and horizontal, which enables the repositioning of already installed panels, in order to achieve maximum possible precision in the combinations and couplings.

Layout with measurements of the Abaco boiserie

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