a scenographic wing that connects and divides spaces

Lady divider panel with design on project

The versatility of door leaf design allows to promptly and easily personalize your home. Doors featuring wooden slats or custom design, made of wooden profiles of various widths, can serve as room dividers in an open space. Spacing and orientation of each element can be customized, much like the position and finishes of each accessory (concealed ceiling guides, handles).

Lady sliding divider with horizontal slats and transparent glass

The typology featuring muntins or lites, is the one we usually find in lofts or industrial-style environments, thanks to its rigorous grid design despite the custom modules. Leaves featuring 15 mm thick wooden slats arranged vertically or horizontally, create wings that can change the perception of space by fragmenting the light source into interplays of light and shadow and creating a strong plasticity feel. Slat feature acts both as a screen and as a decorative element, a refined graphic presence suitable for various settings.

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