Detail of a wooden lift and slide with oiled finish

New paints for Carminati oiled finishes

More protection for your wooden surfaces

Among the wooden finishes belonging to our collection, the oil paints are the most distinct and also the ones that require more attentive care and maintenance. Starting from today and thanks to a new water-based product, it will be possible to extend the time between the two treatments greatly facilitating and speeding up the process.

The new oil allows for an annual routine maintenance cycle instead of a half-yearly one. The application remains simple and fast: all you need is a brush and a soft cloth to remove any excess product.

View of Pull Oil Carminati colours samples

The treatment is conceived not only for wooden doors and windows but also for all timber surfaces that you want to protect: from flooring to outdoor furniture, from facade cladding to nautical components. The effect will be that of a real screen between the wood and the most aggressive biological attacks and / or the most adverse weather conditions.

Water-based oil will not only extend the durability of wood but will nourish and enhance its natural beauty, protecting it from the sun, erosion and turning gray of its fibers.

View of Lign Oil Carminati colours samples