excellent thermal and acoustic performances with an extraordinary elegance
Building elevation with Vitrum 90 windows

VITRUM 90 windows are realized internally in wood and externally in glass and combine excellent thermal and acoustic performances with an extraordinary elegance. The external glass can be back painted with any colour; this allows the windows the matching of the window with the external aesthetic of all modern houses without renouncing the warmth of wood in the interiors.
Double glazing is fixed to the wooden pane thanks to structural gluing; the internal wooden part can be realized in different types of wood and in different natural and delicate finishes. They have the highest reachable values of air and water tightness and wind resistance. Vitrum 90 represents the aesthetic innovation combined with the highest technical performances.

window cross sections Vitrum 90

Vitrum 90 Collection, detail one
Vitrum 90 Collection, detail two

data sheet

thermal characteristics

Uf calculation based on a single sash window 1100×1450.

Thermal transmittance of the frame:
Uf = 1.33 W/m2K for light wood (i.e. fir) – UNI EN 10077-2

Thermal transmittance of the frame:
Uf = 1.63 W/m2K for heavy wood (i.e. oak) – UNI EN 10077-2

Thermal transmittance of the window to:
UW = 1,1 W/m2K *

*The UW thermal transmittance of the window must be calculated each time based on the size, the type and the glass used.

frame specifications

Air permeability: EN 1026 – UNI EN 12207 Class 4

Water tightness: EN 1027 – UNI EN 12208 Class 9A

Wind resistance: EN 12211 – UNI EN 12210 Class C5

  • Wood-glass window
  • Frame thickness 77×90 (wood diameter 62×70)
  • Shutter thickness 89×82/110 (wood diameter 78×82/110)
  • Silver coloured Multitrend Maico

Performed in three phases before the hardware is assembled:

  • Primer application by immersion
  • Intermediate spray finish
  • Final spray finish

The entire procedure is performed using ADLER water-based products and the frames also carry a warranty regarding the duration of the varnish (see the illustration brochure).
All the surfaces are completely sanded and finished by hand.
Glass varnishing:
The glass is varnished in various colours using screen printing


Wood gluing:
High-resistant vinyl-based glues are used on the joints according to DIN 68602 Group B3 Standards.

Wood-glass gluing:
The wood is structurally glued to the glass using Sika glues


Using tenons with open cross-section and two and a half dowels.


Triple, thermo-acoustic sealing, supplied by DEVENTER in PURENE S which is age-resistant.

drip rail

Made of aluminium alloy for windows and Maico Transit threshold H. 25 mm made of aluminium alloy for patio doors.

standard window glass

6 tempered/18/4/18/33.1 up to 2.5 m2
8 tempered/16/4/16/44.1 from 2.5 m2 to 5 m2.

In case of light coloured glass panels, extra-light glass is used for screen-printed glass panels.

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