View of the main elevation of the hotel overlooking the swimming pool with wooden windows and doors
a hotel overlooking the black sea

The Crimea Breeze Hotel in Yalta hotel is an authentic oasis on the Black Sea coast.

Equipped with every possible comfort, from the luxurious spa to the large indoor pool, the hotel features refined spaces and interiors of sophisticated design. The warm and welcoming atmosphere permeates every space and the resulting charm is the consequence of high construction standards and quality of the materials used.

View of the outdoor patio overlooking the swimming pool and the building of the hotel with custom wooden windows
Facade of a residence with Euro 68 windows and blind door
Arched and circular windows of a building of the Crimea Breeze Hotel
View of a building of the hotel with direct access to the promontory
View of the indoor pool with French windows with fuseruoli in the background
View of the glass wall of the swimming pool with French window opening system and fixed transom window
Detail of the deck-chair area of the indoor swimming pool with a dark wooden door system
Detail of the indoor pool cover with wooden windows
Front view of an elevation with custom wooden entrance door and Euro 68 windows
General view of the Crimea Breeze Hotel
klima 80 and crimea breeze hotel

For this sumptuous hotel designed in Russian style, the Klima 80 collection was chosen. Our most classic doors and windows were manufactured in a traditional version with great attention to details.

The use of waxed and patinated oak wood, combined with a design that recalls the typical ancient local constructions, creates a unique luxurious ambiance. Wooden entrance doors with bronze studs complete the project and provide an original touch to both, facades and interior spaces.

View of the open space of the hotel with internal wooden windows and doors
View of a seating area with windows and double-leaf French doors in natural effect wood
Seating area upstairs with natural finish wooden windows
View of a living area of the hotel with single sash windows with fuseruoli
Double-leaf doors with wooden crosspieces
View of the hotel's internal porch with wooden patio doors on the upper floor
Front view of an interior door with a wooden blind panel
View of the entrance of a residence with three French windows
View of the detail of the internal masonry staircase