View of the hotel facade to the garden with arched windows and shutters
comfort and elegance

Regency Hotel is located in a typical Florentine Renaissance palace of elegant proportions, with façades finished in rustication in light stone and arched windows. The interiors do not disappoint the expectations of luxury and comfort: the classic furnishings in regency style and the finishes used transport the visitor into the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Overall view of the hotel with arched windows and blackout shutters
View of the hotel lobby with double arched windows
Detail of the living area with two-door window in white lacquered wood with a classic profile
klima 80 and hotel regency

Windows and doors used could only be in style: classic and traditional, not separated, but well integrated with furniture and environments, as would be the original ones. Klima 80 collection had what it takes to create the impression of authenticity required by the project. The elegant arched windows blend perfectly with the interiors and frame special glasses.

Interior room of the Regency Hotel with a classic style window on the back wall
View of a bedroom of the Hotel Regency with Euro 68 wooden windows
View of a bedroom with white lacquered wooden double window in the background