Evening view of the main façade with illuminated French windows
privacy and comfort of a residence immersed in the greenery

The Joia Residence is located just a few kilometers from Bergamo, in a quiet location close to the town and, at the same time, surrounded by greenery.

The hotel consists of several rooms, from more simple to the most luxurious ones. A common feature of all is the sense of privacy prevailing in every dépendance. Each suite has a private entrance and its own terrace space with direct access to the large central swimming pool.

View of the main elevation
View of the hotel rooms with French windows with fuseruoli
View of the entrance to a room with double-leaf French doors in the background
View of kitchen space with lacquered wooden patio door in the background
klima 92 and joia hotel & luxury apartments

For this hotel Klima 92 collection was chosen, with triple glazing and a gray-colored lacquered wooden profile of only 92 mm. Customized glazing beads, crossbars and lower panels result in a window of a classic look, where even the smallest details have been taken care of. The elegance of the design recalls the country villas of the Lombard tradition, while excellent performances in terms of thermal-acoustic insulation guaranteed by this typology, make this closing system both high-performing and unique of its kind.

External view of the gray lacquered French windows with fuseruoli
View of a bedroom with gray lacquered patio doors
Detail view of French doors with two doors in gray lacquered wood