Cover image of Villa Bergamo with lift and slide copper bronze finish
the old times house

A spacious house, inundated with light and dominated by neutral tones, where relaxation and comfort are guaranteed by large dimensions, old times style and innovative technologies. In this residence, windows are not simply glazings but one of the many ways in which this house presents itself to the world.

General view of the villa from the driveway
View of Villa Bergamo
View of the villa with windows and shutters
External view of the windows with lacquered wooden shutters
Detail of a window with a lacquered wooden shutter
Detail of the entrance door with copper bronze finish
Internal view of the entrance door of Villa Bergamo
alu 90 bronze and villa bergamo

The goal to give life to a comfortable yet refined environment has been reached in every room of the house, enhanced by extremely sophisticated finishes. The Alu 90 Bronze collection doors and windows with copper finish unite the beauty and uniqueness of the material with the excellence and elegance of wood. It plays on contrasts, combining craftsmanship and technology, creativity and immortal design pieces.

Front view of the lift and slide of the indoor pool
View of the external porch of Villa Bergamo with sliding doors
Living area of Villa Bergamo with two white lacquered sliding doors
Living area of Villa Bergamo with lift and slide doors in the background
Internal view of the lift and slide with two white lacquered sashes