Villa Modena, view of the living area

Stay at home, with style

Characteristics of 2020 interior design trends and the importance of windows and doors

This year, we may say that not a single person exists who did not see his/her home through different eyes. Most of us are experiencing new ways to inhabit it, to live it. That very different – and prolonged – contact with everyday spaces, makes us clash with everything that is not adaptable to new work and leisure needs, in other words, with everything that is not comfortable, functional and welcoming.

View of the living space of Villa Pisa with wooden lift and slide doors

> Villa Pisa’s living area is simple and furnished with few elements, still it is extremely  warm and hospitable. The large lift-and-slide Skyline Sliding windows offer an exclusive breathtaking panorama over the Tuscan hills. Natural light and landscape fully enter the room, without any visible window frame limiting the view.

The desire for renovation involves us more than ever and leads us to reflect upon the most appropriate changes that would make our home even more suitable and livable. In this regard, we propose to you the most sought-after 2020 interior design trends as well as trends and tendencies concerning the choices within the construction field in general.

1. Warm colors and natural materials for the perfect comfort zone

Ideal of Scandinavian house continues to excel in the proposals of the most popular architects and designers, an open space home with bright, essential and elegant environments. All materials are carefully selected for their aesthetic and eco-sustainable qualities. The trend is driven by younger generations, more sensitive and aware of environmental impact and waste reduction. Nature is a central element: we find it in wallpaper decorations, accessories and materials used for furniture, floors, windows and doors. The wood, left either with its natural color or in a bleached version, is combined with warm and relaxing finishes. The wooden frame window provides warmth and comfort to the environments.

Lift and slide in lacquered wood as per sample with sunshade with sliding wooden slats
View of the wooden lift and slide with sample lacquer

> In Villa Firenze, the Skyline Minimal Frames lift and slide doors transform the environments, giving them character and becoming themselves a piece of furniture featuring linear and refined shapes. Exceptionally narrow wooden profile of only 37 mm, provides the house with an elegance that is difficult to find in a traditional product.

2. Quality custom design: the home must be personalized

High quality raw materials and artisanal products became necessary requirements. Today’s consumption concept, defined as slow, rewards the choice of a product and/or a service with a longer life span, even if facing a more expensive initial investment. We think of long term solutions, of reuse, an option that allows us to enjoy as long as possible a carefully selected and tailor-made product.

A piece of art, or customized design that meets our needs, is something original, unique, able to give character to everything that surrounds it. However, in order to achieve the ideal solution for your home, one should not improvise: all choices of materials, types, finishes must be thoroughly studied ad hoc, in the play of balancing and contrasts where harmony must win.

Lift and slide with two sashes in the bedroom
Lift and slide in wood with two doors of the kitchen of Villa Desenzano

> In Villa Desenzano, we can find Skyline Windows in customized lacquered wood finish created according to the sample, a color carefully selected to perfectly match the tones of the furnishings and finishes. Choosing Carminati means choosing to rely on a company capable and aimed at achieving all project objectives. Choosing a Skyline window means to enjoy a precious product, designed according to the most innovative construction techniques.

3. Flexible and multifunctional spaces

Our homes sometimes do not have rooms that can serve multiple functions and, unless specifically planned in the design-phase, domestic spaces are usually not meant for working from home. We are still tied to “one-function spaces”, in which the main activity defines everything that is in it. The furnishings are static, the ergonomic is rigid and the modifications are difficult to imagine.

Now that our home is at the center of attention and is – as never before – a safe place, we clearly feel the need for our own flexible personal spaces, designed with everything we necessitate for the work at home or for more relaxing activities. The window space, often neglected and left empty for the simple passage, becomes the focal point around which to organize our new workspace. Natural lighting is essential and healthy; the outside is there waiting for us, but acoustically isolated to allow us to concentrate; the window becomes furniture, minimal and scenographic.

Internal shaft in Villa Firenze with lift and slide windows
View of the open space of Villa Firenze with internal courtyard enclosed by sliding doors and fixed windows
Reflections on the doors of the Skyline Sliding lift

> In Villa Firenze, patio located in the center of the living area is multifunctional: it provides light and air to the environment, it is a pleasant diversion that separates the kitchen from the living room, and on occasion becomes a “new space”, visible, yet separated from the rest, in which one can dedicate to relax. Skyline lift and slide doors enclose a small space, making it unique and luxurious.