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Sustainability and personalization in 2023

Most current issues in the field of architecture and window systems

A week after two of the most important design events of the season, it’s time to draw conclusions on the latest trends in the field of architecture and windows. Milan Design Week and Munich’s BAU fair trades have recently ended, still, the key topics that both events tackled in their own way, will continue to be talked about, and to further develop in all construction-related environments.

Salone del Mobile in Milan
Ph. Andrea Mariani

Both events unquestionably focused on sustainability, referring to social, ecological and economic areas. In times of global and profound changes, with an ever increasing shortage of land and the consequent increase in the price, it becomes indispensable to think and act with the strategies centered on sustainable housing. Reuse of existing resources, respect for environment and the design of versatile work and home spaces are just some of the virtuous actions that the future demands of us.

In the construction sector this implies considering a project starting from the very beginning, evaluating the full life-cycle of the product, from the design stage to the use of raw materials that will not impoverish the environment. It means thinking of energy-efficient buildings envelops that will withstand any weather condition, even extreme ones, since the balance is based on the steady relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the filter that divides them shall feature the highest possible levels of performance.

View of the elevation of Villa Piacenza

Another topic that stimulates dialogue and is of great interest not only to professionals in the field, but also to the general public, is the personalization of the offer. Once the purely functional connotation has been set aside, the technological product shall be able to adapt to pre-existing conditions and to different market demands through solutions, materials and finishes that are always on the pulse of time. Home’s livability has always been at the center of the debate, yet now, more than ever, there is a continuous pursuit of quality in all its aspects, no longer delegating the choice to external expertise.

Yes, therefore, to the reduction of energy consumption by reducing thermal dispersion of the window systems; yes to home automation control on all that can help keep light and temperatures constant, sunscreens and ventilation systems; yes also to alarm security systems that make our home safer. Finally, yes to all the details that transform an industrial item into a design product, which will distinguish an environment with style and quality.

Detail of the vasistas Skyline Classic

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