Villa Parma, facade

Trends and characteristics of minimalist windows and doors – part 2

MODERN MINIMALIST windows for existing structures

For new build projects, the choice of a minimalist modern window certainly represents the most appropriate solution (you can learn more about the topic in the previous article “Trends and characteristics of minimalist design windows and doors – part 1“). But what happens when we are faced with a pre-existing structure, be it an apartment, a period villa or a recovery project?

In this case, the evaluation process on which type of window would be the most appropriate becomes more complex, and number of factors and issues must be taken into consideration. Sometimes the most arduous task consists in knowing how to imagine what the finished result will look like, combining different materials and shapes to form a stylistically coherent whole.

> For Villa Ostuni, a window with a decidedly dark finish was chosen, in clear contrast to the walls: the efficient combination with the nuances of the furniture is the result of a far-sighted vision of the whole.

Some considerations

Below we will describe more in detail three different examples, focusing on the possible practical solutions and the resulting visual effects.

  • In a recovery project, one usually has to deal with a pre-existing structure, with an undefined appearance composed of several overlapping layers. Different spaces, stylistic elements and traditional materials require a functional architectural vision that respects the existing construction. Each intervention must be innovative and, at the same time, harmonious: for that very reason, natural, simple and linear product is rather preferred, that creates a bond and a unified whole.

> In Villa Parma, for example, the wooden profiles of Skyline Minimal Frames collection are perfectly integrated into the context, representing the point of union between the old masonry and the new frame. The modern minimal look of the doors and windows matches both, the bricks and the concrete: oak wood recalls the warm colors of the former and the essential design echoes the linearity of the latter.

  • As it is well known, the condominium rules and regulations are often a source of restrictions to the renovation of an apartment, imposing constraints that reduce, or even hinder its personalization. When style is not a problem, the uniform exterior color of window frames might be an obligatory requirement. In this case, the option of a split finish, with different colors on the exterior and interior side of the unit, is the only solution that complies with the condominium rules without giving up the right color to create a perfect match for your interiors.

> In Villa Roma, the Skyline window, white colored according to the sample, appears as the ideal continuation of the walls which, like white canvases, are the background to the elements and primary colors of the furnishings. Another color would certainly not have produced the same visual effect.

  • Not all window typologies are suitable for wall openings of unusual shapes and materials. One would be mistaken in thinking that using a traditional classic window would be the only possible way to avoid style discrepancies. It is important to know that equally performing alternatives do exist: a modern minimalist design window, together with the concept of custom “tailor-made” design, makes it possible to achieve an elegant and exceptionally natural result.

> In Villa Firenze, a special wall made of stone and restored brick blends perfectly with a modern minimalist timber frame, thus balancing the rusticity and the visual weight of the wall texture.