Skyline Classic, cover image

Trends and characteristics of minimalist windows and doors – part 3

MINIMAL CLASSIC windows and doors

Not only minimal and essential, but also high-quality and tailor made – these are the key features of Skyline Collection products. Starting from these requirements, Carminati developed a type of window with a classic look, while keeping unaltered all the high performance characteristics of the Skyline family. Skyline Classic is born, a window with a narrow profile, but with rounded and baroque lines.

The window is enhanced by precious frames, crosspieces and intradoses, tailormade and customdesigned to recall the old-world windows and doors.

Hotel Regency, main living room
Hotel Regency, living room Euro 68 windows

> The elegance of the classic profile perfectly matches the sumptuous ambience of the Hotel Regency in Florence. The typical Florentine Renaissance palace has been renovated respecting the pre-existence in every detail: the white lacquered arched window takes up the style and color of classical frames and columns, creating an effective contrast with the nuance of furnishings and walls.

Made from the highest quality materials, the Classic line finds its highest expression when combined with crosspieces or muntins, also called inglesine for their ample use in the Nordic countries. Muntins, narrow wooden bars, which divide the glass pane into smaller squares, confer a refined look to the window, while being a valid support to the rigidity of the frame. To complete the proportion and elegance of the window, solid wood bottom panels add a luxurious and evocative detail.

Skyline Classic detail
Skyline Classic, dettaglio del profilo in legno
Skyline Classic, dettaglio della maniglia Vittoria
Skyline Classic, dettaglio dei pannelli ciechi bugnati

> Interior view of a white lacquered wooden window door, with the detail of the shaped profile of the Skyline Classic line. The door has been combined with a handle from the Vittoria Line with a bronze finish. Detail views of the handle, crosspieces and solid wood bottom panels. The particular bronze-colored finish of this window is given by a mixture of paint and metal alloy created ad hoc.

Thanks to its design, Skyline Classic lends itself particularly well for all environments that look for the oldworld style, such as protected historic buildings, where it is essential to select a high quality product that maintains the same character and visual value of the original window.

Villa Salerno, south elevation
Villa Salerno, internal view

> It is equally suitable also for the most contemporary and / or modern environments. Just look at the Villa Salerno Skyline Bifold window door, featuring a sophisticated, yet light appearance.