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Trends and characteristics of minimalist windows and doors – part 1

MODERN MINIMALIST windows for new build projects

The very first step in knowing if a minimal contemporary window fits the design of your house, is to define your favorite style and understand the predominant style of your home design. Generally, in new build projects, the designer’s choice falls on the type of window that emphasizes and enhances the essentiality of the architecture.

Therefore, the type of windows with the most linear aesthetic impact is preferred, with the thinnest possible frame: a presence with a graphic character that does not occupy visual space and leaves full field to the best possible daylighting performance of the window.

> In Villa Ostuni, the external view of the glass door, made with structural glass, remains uninterrupted: the glass door “disappears”, thus highlighting the opening and the wall surface used.

Latest Interior Design Trends

If you plan to replace your windows and doors, it might be helpful to discover the latest interior design trends put in the spotlight during Milan Design Week that took place at the beginning of the year.

  • Open-spaces continue to attract all those who do not want to give up the flexibility of spaces and functions. An open and versatile environment is in fact the system that adapts to most situations and offers a wide margin of creative freedom for architects and designers. The favorite opening type is lift&slide door: openable glass sashes effortlessly glide on low rails or embedded guides, allowing ampler opening surfaces to be covered with minor opening encumbrance of the sash. The minimal profile of the Skyline Sliding, frame, with only 37 mm of visible thickness, perfectly matches both, the most rigorous and sober interiors, and the more eclectic ones.

> In Villa Costa Smeralda, the Skyline lift & slide doors open up its open-space towards the splendid Sardinian shores of the Aranci Gulf.

  • Dark colors for the interiors are back: deep shades confer a sophisticated and decisive aesthetics to both, mobile and fixed components. The most popular trends in textures are linear veins, the variegations of marble materials and metallic finishes in shades of gold, silver and bronze, which confer an elegant and luxurious character to the products. On the other hand, for all long-lasting architectural elements, such as walls, floors, windows and doors, more neutral nuances, like white or ivory, are preferred.

> In Villa Verona, monochromatic concept is taken to the extreme: white color of walls, floors, doors and windows creates a decisive contrast with the total black furniture of the living area.

  • The taste for Scandinavian design converges towards a broader eco-sustainability trend: everything that is natural, handcrafted and custom made acquires aesthetic and social value, in view of the new mentality that demands a quality product from the market that will last over time, that can be recycled and / or with the least possible environmental impact. A customizable complement, tailor-made to customer needs is more than ever relevant; simple and minimal lines are preferred to the decorations of the past, mixed with vintage elements of retro or industrial taste.

> In Villa Desenzano, Skyline Sliding lift&slilde combines perfectly with the color of the walls, thanks to its lacquered finish created according to the sample.