Wooden Skyline Door with flush to the wall solution

Window&Door Selection Guide

Why choose windows and doors for your home?

If it is true, as the ancients say, that the eyes are the window to the soul, the windows are the eyes of a home” (R. Peregalli).

Villa Parma, main elevation in black & white

It is now a widespread opinion that the choice of windows and doors cannot be a matter of mere functionality. Taking into consideration the most quoted manufacturers on the market, you can find a great selection of more or less technological and innovative solutions though, from the performance point of view, the overall level of the offer is high and rather uniform (especially for the uninitiated on the subject). What, then, are the key factors to consider when choosing the right windows for your home, starting from such a wide range of options?

Villa Costa Smeralda, Skyline Sliding 4 sashes

A matter of aesthetics

Thinking of a window, many do not even think about dealing with its aesthetics: for many, a window is just a window, a mere technical element and nothing else. It is often understood as a matter of fact, a pre-existence independent of the aesthetic taste with which one must live; it is seen as a not very beautiful technological component to which, after all, aesthetic presence is not required.

But actually, doors and windows contribute to the atmosphere of an environment as much as the furniture and their choice is definitely more definitive and lasting. Just browse through interior design magazines: proposed houses stand out for their originality, along with the harmony that we perceive in the interiors, as the result of all present elements, including doors and windows.

Villa Roma, view of the open space with Skyline horizontal pivot

Technology at the service of design

It is important to define your own interior design style, and attention to detail will be guaranteed if you choose a reliable company with consolidated experience. For Carminati, aesthetics is an added value to technology and derives from the choice of finest authentic materials with the best Made in Italy design.

Windows are not simply transparences; they are one of the many ways your home represents itself to the world. If all the details are coherent and taken care of, the whole house will benefit from it. For example, a conventional window featuring classic design will convey a different feeling than a window with minimalist design, characterized by concealed hinges and hidden guides. We have prepared a short window & door selection guide, in order to help the customer in choosing among different possible styles, with some useful tips for those who do not know they could – and should – make a choice with greater understanding and satisfaction.

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