skyline metal

View of an indoor pool with Skyline Metal double-leaf pivot windows

Skyline Metal is a line of metal windows and doors that skillfully combines elegant and minimalist look with cutting-edge technology. The design of the frame portrays all typical concepts of the Skyline Minimal Frames collection by Carminati: modernity, essentiality, purity and elegance of lines. The window appears extraordinarily light even for large openings, a refined presence with a graphic character. The collection can be manufactured in all possible opening configurations: window, entrance door, pivot, bi-fold, curtain wall systems, as well as lift and slide door in manual or motorized version.

Skyline Metal can be made in stainless steel, bronze and painted iron, special materials for the most sophisticated projects. Highly personalized solutions and customized finishes allow to manufacture a refined product that keeps pace with market demands.

Detail of the Skyline Metal Pivot finish

The core of the frame is made of LVL or laminated veneer lumber, an innovative material that guarantees high structural performance and stability. On the outside, the frame can be manufactured in satin or polished steel; antique bronze, glossy brushed or matt scratched; powder-coated iron, available in a wide range of colors, from the most common to the most brilliant and textured ones. Furthermore, two different materials can be used for the interior and exterior of the house.

the new patented sliding system

Lift and slide door features an innovative sliding system: a guide track embedded in the floor licensed by most prestigious national and European authorities. The system guarantees an effective insulating capacity while protecting the mechanisms from any interference. Its flexible drive belt made up of articulated elements, allows maximum sliding smoothness of even large windows, with the least possible visual impact.

Performance ratings of water tightness, air permeability and wind-load resistance are the best in the category. The use of micro-laminated timber profiles allows to perform the assembly according to the highest quality standards by avoiding to the greatest extent possible any discontinuity and thermal bridges’ formation, and thus ensuring much higher performance than any other standard system on the market.

Detail of the embedded bottom track

The development of the new frame exploits the use of a micro-laminated wood core (LVL) to ensure exceptional stability and thermal performance for metal frame windows and doors. The glass becomes an integral part of the structure due to its structural bonding to the sash frame. Metal cladding profiles are made using either drawn brass profiles by bending the elements, or cast bronze profiles, whose study of sections ensures minimalist aesthetic of the product and the performance of the window system as a whole.

Skyline Drive, view of the sliding and fixed sashes
Skyline Drive, embedded bottom track detail
Skyline Drive, sliding sash detail
Skyline Drive, the sliding sash detail

The fixing of the profiles to the LVL core takes place by means of welded bushings to be screwed, by clips that allow the replacement and precise fixing of the elements and by structural bonding. This type of fixing allows easy adjustments during installation process, and is highly adoptable to all situations. High load capacity hardware consists of adjustable visible hinges with opening angle of up to 180 ° for a hinged sash and can be manufactured in the same finishing as the window frame.

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