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Front view of the motorized lift and slide in white lacquered fir

Carminati expands its Skyline collection by proposing motorized lift and slide window. Currently, an automated structure undoubtedly represents the added value to a constantly evolving product.

Thanks to motors that are connected to each sash by means of a concealed belt situated above the frame, this device can be applied to any sliding system, even in the case of pocket sliding door systems. The new Lift & Slide combines an elegant system with comfort: thanks to a button on the wall or remote control, even the largest and heaviest doors can be opened. Thanks to this new technology, loads up to 1500 kg per sash are guaranteed, with high thermal insulation and excellent U coefficients.

Carminati motorized systems are equipped with a range of accessories that ensure intelligent solutions in full warranty: opening and safety sensors, switches with digital code, openings via remote connection and connection to home automation systems. Concerning the burglary risk, Skyline Drive is safer than a traditional sliding system: it is not possible to open it manually from its closed position and it is also equipped with an electromagnetic board integrated into the alarm system.

skyline drive in steel

In the steel version, the purity of the shapes typical of the Skyline design is combined with a new material, giving life to a complete and original product.
Skyline Drive is the absolute expression of the minimal frames concept, the essentiality from an architectural point of view raised to its maximum strength. To learn more about the product, find the dedicated article here.

Skyline Drive, view of the sliding and fixed sashes
Sketch of the motor
Skyline Drive
Sketch of the motor positioned above the frame of a motorized lift and slide
Skyline Drive, the sliding sash detail
Skyline Drive
Skyline Drive, sliding sash detail
Skyline Drive, embedded bottom track detail

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