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Slightness and transparency, this is Skyline Minimal Frames, new generation doors and windows. Big dimensions will dominate in the near future. Essential lines, together with the materials who seem pure in their surface, will win. A triumph for design, the real one, the Italian one. This is where the idea of Skyline begins, that unites without any delay the latest architectural trends, thanks to very slim frame profiles, combined with excellent technical performances.

Skyline slim wooden profiles increase the glass surface and overwhelm the spaces with light, conveying an idea of wellness and continuity between internal and external environments. The oldest architectural element, wood, combined with modern building technologies, gives birth to a prestigious frame with a refined design. The patent for Skyline Minimal Frames is the result of years of research and has allowed Carminati Serramenti to spread its brand all over the world.

View of a villa with windows and doors Skyline Minimal Frames


LUXURY AND DESIGN: The perfect match. The new trend in architecture strictly linked to the concept of “innovation”, is articulated in close connection with design and luxury, reinterpreted through philosophy with modern technologies, innovative materials and scenographic solutions. Design is the interpretative key of everyday beauty, in all its forms.

COMFORT: A large residential space, overflowed with light and dominated by neutral tones is already a source of wellness for its inhabitants. Comfort and relax are guaranteed by large dimensions and all is supported by innovative technology.

SUSTAINABILITY: The frame becomes sustainable. A new concept of the frame, which combines luxurious design, eco-friendly materials, versatility and comfort. The wood meets eco-sustainability requests. With the philosophy of design inspired by nature of the wood, it is possible to combine modern style with functionality.

QUALITY: Skyline is the result of high artisan quality of an important Italian brand. Family tradition together with technological and entrepreneurial innovation make Skyline Minimal Frames perfect even for the most demanding insulation requirements. Skyline is certified by the most prestigious international institutes.

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