wall covering that elevates the aesthetics of the room
View of a wall covered with velvet boiserie

Wall panelling is usually made of wood, however its internal structure lends itself well to being upholstered, thus multiplying the decoration possibilities of the product. Fabrics is a favourite wall covering, and velvet is one of the most desired and sought after upholstery materials, due to the beauty of its texture, its refined look and colour changes that depend on how the light hits the fabric.

Detail view of a wooden boiserie covered with velvet padded panels

Leather is another possibility to consider if you want to make a specific wall stand out. Just like velvet, leather is also available in various types and colours, resulting in a decidedly decorative and personalized effect.  Wall panelling not only enhances the aesthetic quality of a room, it significantly improves acoustic and thermal comfort. Upholstered panels can be plain or padded, ideal for lining the bedroom headboard wall; whilst in the living area, velvet or leather wall panels bestow allure of charm and warmth to the environment.

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