ancient charm in a contemporary guise
Bathroom with wood paneled boiserie

Boiserie is the term used to define a decoration based on wall paneling in variously engraved, carved and inlaid wood. Sometimes the term boiserie is used to define wall covering not necessarily with decorated wood panels, but still enriched with frames. The decision to decorate a house including in furnishing context modern wood paneling allows to create solutions that fit well in modern interiors.

Boiserie with squared slats in ash stained oak essence

The free interpretation of modern boiseries can create solutions that impact in an elegant way the interiors of a home or a professional studio, through wood, velvet or leather wall claddings.
The wood boiseries that we produce are manufactured with constant careful research of high quality woods, and are decorated by master artisans whose years of experience in wood decorating make it possible to give to any boiserie the same old charm of the past.

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