character, beauty and comfort of wood
View of a living area with wooden paneling

Wood wall panelling has all the qualities to transform an anonymous environment into a unique and original place, conferring character, beauty and comfort to it. When we think of boiseries, in most cases we imagine its classic version, with rounded frames typical of period buildings. Yet, the charm of wood is mainly in its versatility and adaptability to various shapes, achieving in turn a completely different result, in line with specific requests and individual tastes.

Detail view of a wooden boiserie

Modern wood wall panelling represents the most contemporary solution to furnish and to always perceive the space in different ways. It can be either plain or slatted, with simple panels of different sizes placed next to each other, or with elaborate profiles featuring rounded or square shapes. The first solution is perfect for covering different walls in your home, creating an elegant and warm background for any type of furniture. The second solution is particularly suitable to cover the main walls of a room, in order to give importance, finesse and movement to a surface that would otherwise be devoid of charm.

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