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Internal doors are one of the most important design elements with a significant impact on the style of your home. They are not just functional components that divide or delimit spaces, they also add character to the rooms and become true protagonists of the environments. Like any furnishing item, they can carry a significant aesthetic load that depends on various factors, such as their size and opening type, height (standard or floor-to-ceiling), material, finishing and door leaf design.

Detail view of an interior sliding door with crosspieces

Carminati’s collection of doors offers a wide range of models to suit the style of any interior, be it the most modern or industrial setting, or the most classic and traditional villa. The intent is to create a quality product featuring minimalist and elegant design with the best raw materials. Your homes deserve all the attention that only an artisan and long-lasting product, thoroughly tailored to reflect every technical and aesthetical need to the core, can provide.

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