glazed surface: the brightest and the most minimalistic
Wooden sliding door Carminati with ribbed clear glass

Doors featuring wooden door frames and glass panels represent an ideal solution for environments with little natural light. Glazed surface not only allows a greater amount of natural light to filter into the room, it helps create greater fluidity through visually connected spaces. Moreover, if the wooden frame is as narrow as the one proposed by Carminati, with a thickness of only 30 mm, the full glazed leaf enhances the modern aesthetics of the door and the result is truly astonishing.

Detail view of a wooden door and smoked glass

Glass panel is made of safety glass, which can be either tempered or laminated, depending on the desired effect.  You can choose between different shades and glass working options, all sharing an equally sober and refined look. Different glass shades must be carefully evaluated as the sunlight filter is greatly influenced by the colour or tint of glass.

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