Unique finishes and details

The combinations of finishes and colors available on the market are many. The handles of the Prestigio Line, proposed by Carminati for the doors of the Skyline Minimal Frames collection, can be made in the most classic shades (chrome and brass) and in the most particular ones, such as dark gray anthracite or copper / rose gold, lately much in demand.

Glossy finishes

The glossy finishes are perfect for modern environments. Their brilliance and “mirror” effect make them particularly suitable for the most elegant situations. Polished chrome plating is highly regarded for its remarkable corrosion resistance and durability.

Matt finishes

For homes with a classic style or with warmer shades, the matt finish handle is the most suitable choice. Its essentiality makes it sophisticated and perfect to be combined with heterogeneous textures⁣.

Satinated finishes

The satin finish is by far the most requested thanks to its aesthetic and functional characteristics. The silkiness of the finish makes it a truly refined and elegant product. The appearance simulates that of aluminum, allowing it to be combined with most of the accessories already in the house based on the color variant. The opacity of the material gives a pleasant tactile sensation and does not get dirty easily.