View of the open space with Skyline windows in natural fir

Design on the water, protection and evasion

Floating houses have an unusual charm that goes beyond the central functional and aesthetic spheres of the project, to satisfy the original and unconscious need for freedom. The Floating Villa designed by the Lab Architects combines the sense of protection and security of a private house with the desire for movement and a sense of escape that only a boat can convey.

The exterior façade is covered by a series of wooden slats which, in addition to being a decorative element, provide an effective light protection system and create privacy conditions. Inside, the space is clearly divided into two zones: on the first floor we can see a large open space which contains the entrance hall, kitchen and living room; on the lower floor, there is a sleeping area with corresponding bathrooms. The design of the living room, elegant in its simplicity, conveys an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality. A monolithic and white marble kitchen island complete with a long rectangular wooden table direct our gaze to the living room and the central sliding panoramic window, which appears as an essential frame of the constantly changing landscape.

View of the side of the London Floating Villa
Detail of the bedroom on London Floating Villa
View of the hallway on London Floating Villa
Boiserie custom made
Detail of the boiserie, with a concealed wardrobe
Skyline siding doors in natural fir in the living area

The openness and spaciousness of the upper floor contrasts with the private and intimate character of the rooms; the colors and materials chosen (white, blue, black and wood) are the leitmotif of a project that exalts the concept of “tailor-made” to the maximum level. The distribution corridor of the sleeping area also deserves special mention. The rigidity of its forms is transformed by spotlights and a metal plate on the ceiling. The last one has some “liquid” reflections which create the effect of traces of the water left by a boat moving along the river.

Detail of the ceiling of the corridor of the Floating Villa

skyline minimal frames and floating villa

For the living room of the Floating Villa were chosen Skyline Sliding panoramic windows, made of fir wood with a natural light finish. This type of window, which consists of the frame made even more minimal thanks to the fixed all-glass sash, allows the maximum contribution of light. The golden color of the fir perfectly matches with the other wooden furnishing accessories, becoming part of the harmony that characterizes present environments.

The gloss finish with guarantee of the wooden part and the special anti-rust treatment of the hardware make the window perfect even with such a strong presence of humidity as in this situation.

The London Floating Villa, view of the lift & slide in natural fir
View of the hallway with Skyline window at the end
Detail of the bedroom on London Floating Villa
View of the bedroom on London Floating Villa
Detail of the shower

Lab Architects has managed to create a space that is in no way inferior to a real home. The stereotypical and monotonous decor of boats has been transformed by eclectic and comfortable furniture and accessories; small porthole windows have been replaced by Skyline System, created to give some special design and refinement to the rooms.