the evolution of the lift and slide

View of an elevation with ribbon windows of white lacquered lift and slide doors

The lift & slide represents the minimalist opening par excellence: with a profile of only 37 mm, combines design and functionally through cutting-edge technologies. The refined wooden surface and perfectly incorporated handle endow special elegance to this opening solution.

Skyline Sliding is available with two sliding leaves, four leaves with two fixed lateral leaves and two central sliding leaves, one fixed leaf and one sliding leaf, angular or hidden into the wall. The fixed leaf can be completely made of glass or put in evidence through a wooden frame. Our technical office is at your disposal to guide you towards the composition that best suits your projects needs.

patented embedded bottom track

Our innovative sliding system Skyline, with tracks embedded in the floor, guarantees an effective insulating capacity while protecting the mechanisms from any interference. The belt allows maximum sliding smoothness of even large windows, with the least possible visual impact.

The sliding system is characterized by a translation guide that covers the device designed for the movement of the sliding sash, thus preventing the entry of dust or dirt into the bottom track groove. The guide track embedded in the floor has been licensed by most prestigious national and European institutes.

Detail of the Skyline Sliding embedded bottom track
Technical drawing of the embedded bottom track of the Skyline lift and slide
Detail of the sash of the lift and slide and of the embedded bottom track
Detail of the sash of the lift and slide with embedded bottom track

skyline with external aluminium cladding, the eternal protection

The external aluminium or metal cladding gives the brand’s flagship line a specific resistance to any weather conditions.

The finishes of each model are customizable and are made within the Carminati company through special treatments that allow the materials to withstand climate change. Numerous colors are available, from oxidized to RAL colors, from glossy to opaque, from smooth to scratched finish. The choice of materials is made on the basis of the customer’s needs: from traditional metals to refined finishes such as bronze.

Front view of an elevation with external aluminium cladding
View of a facade with external bronze colored aluminium cladding
External view of a curtain wall with antique bronze aluminium cladding
Overall view of a glazed facade with thin profiles covered in aluminium
Detail of the door of a curtain wall with bronze finish aluminium cladding
Detail of the handle of a lift and slide covered in brushed bronze aluminium
Detail of the external aluminium cladding on a Skyline lift and slide

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