View of the park of Villa Ashford

tradition and modernity in comparison

Near Ashford there is a village with a few houses, two churches, a school, a few grocery stores and a small pub. Among the various buildings typical of Anglo-Saxon culture, Villa Ashford stands out for its particularly graceful façade and beautiful park, with attention to the smallest details, which can only be found in a typical English garden.

On the inner façade, which overlooks the garden, the owner decided to improve the functional and energetic characteristics of the old veranda. To embody this idea, the room was converted into a dining room, which retains its original shape, but at the same time, is very different in appearance. Typical windows with crosspieces or “English” windows were replaced by large and wide windows that let in the maximum amount of light, which is very important in the conditions of the English climate.

Lift and slide with three sashes Skyline in natural wood
Covered patio of Villa Ashford
View of the park of Villa Ashford

skyline minimal frames and villa ashford

The small casement windows have been replaced by a large lift-and-slide system, which consists of three sliding and two fixed panoramic windows. The contrast between the natural oak wood and the colourful bricks of the façade is not so strong compared to the white windows of the house. In this project, the most attention is attracted by the visual lightness of the windows system, which, thanks to the very thin frame, seamlessly connects the dining room with the surrounding park.

As the client wanted a large and bright space with reduced heat accumulation and uninterrupted garden views, for this project was used the Skyline Minimal Frames window system with a timber profile of only 37 mm. This choice helped to achieve the expected result, and all the client’s wishes were satisfied.

View of the Skyline fixed window
Front view of the Villa Ashford elevation