View of the bedroom of Villa Pero with Skyline Modern windows

Freshness and simplicity for a small two-room apartment in Milan

Light pours into the rooms of Villa Pero, a 1970s two-room apartment renovated by Studio MZ in area Portello, Milan. Despite its long and narrow layout with openings on the short sides, the apartment is well-lit, thanks to a careful architectural intervention featuring oblique walls, an ingenious expedient that makes a room of limited dimensions dynamic and ergonomic. Where natural light does not reach, the house is equipped with bright LED lights, to optically broaden the spaces. Light shades, such as white and dove gray in the living area, as well as the use of reflective ceramic bathroom tiles, help to create harmonious and comfortable spaces.

View of the kitchen area with the Skyline patio door in the background
View of the living area of Villa Pero with the Skyline patio door with two sashes

The original classic bathroom, now old-fashioned and oversized was transformed into two smaller rooms: the first is a master bathroom with a window, connected to the sleeping area; the second is a smaller bathroom with laundry corner, serving the living area. Between the two bathrooms there is a motorized transom window strategically positioned at the top, to guarantee privacy and adequate ventilation and lighting to the blind service room.

The living area is an open space featuring a living room and a kitchenette, a pleasant environment with wide-plank oak flooring and with cementines decorated in shades of gray, for the kitchenette area. In the sleeping area, the light enters abundantly through the three windows which, thanks to their exceptionally narrow wooden frame, make the most out of natural lighting. In addition to the bedroom and the master bathroom, there is a small study corner and a little terrace, overlooking one of the rapidly expanding new districts in Milan.

View of the master bathroom with Skyline window in lacquered fir
Main bathroom with two-sashes Skyline window
Upper fixed window Skyline
Motorized vasistas in the bathroom
Skyline motorized vasistas for the laundry of Villa Pero
Service bathroom with Skyline vasistas and motorization in sight

Skyline Minimal Frames and Villa Pero

Freshness and simplicity are the key concepts of this Milanese apartment renovation. We can perceive it from the nuances, from sober lines, from the essential, yet not trivial layout. In Villa Pero an immediate feeling of comfort is also provided by the “right sizes” of rooms, the appropriateness and proportions of its living spaces. Skyline Minimal Frames collection of windows and doors fits this perfect balance, like an extension of the white wall, a clean canvas on which a few evergreen design items have been skillfully arranged.

Bedroom with study corner and Skyline window
View of the bedroom of Villa Pero with Skyline Modern windows

Skyline windows and doors blend perfectly into a contemporary style of the rooms, almost as if they were an integral part of the furnishing project and not a simple finishing: this is precisely their main asset. They are not simple indistinct elements that go unnoticed; nor are they invasive, although they have character. They represent designer products in all respects with a well defined aesthetic taste and the ability to easily fit any home style.

View of the bedroom openings of Villa Pero
Skyline Modern patio door in white lacquered fir
Detail of the Skyline sash with structural glass

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