perfection of style

View of an elevation with Skyline door with vitrum effect

The capacity of made in Italy design makes it possible to transform a simple opening into an elegant and fascinating piece of furniture. Transparency of lines, sobriety and shapes attentive to proportions are just some of the features of Skyline casement windows and patio doors.

With opening of one leaf, two leaves, three leaves, window and patio door, with locking system and handles, Skyline Door guarantees safety that goes beyond the standards thanks to the reliability of the construction system characterized by structural gluing. The Skyline System was patented in 2012 after an in-depth analysis of the market requests regarding new tendencies and new styles of construction. To enhance the modernity of the window, we suggest the choice of concealed hinges or the classic visible hinges for a more traditional look. A range of wood types is available including oak wood and fir with different finishes ranging from the classic walnut-dyed to the “natural effect” to the whitened wood with typical wood veining in evidence.

skyline entrance door: the entrance becomes light

A solution characterized by both precision and aesthetics, the result of rigorous techniques based on reliability and use of exclusively top quality materials. Keep in mind completely customizable wood nuances: our suggestion is to focus on a mix between contemporary and traditional, to add character to your home. In the Skyline Vitrum version, narrow wooden profile is joined with a glass sheet, giving life to a prestigious product with a refined design. Externally, the glazed surface presents itself without interruptions, conferring both comfort and beauty to the window enriched with new light: the superfluous vanishes leaving only the essential in view.

External view of a double sash vitrum entrance door
View of a double-leaf entrance door with fixed glazing
External view of an entrance door with internal and external handle and vitrum effect
Detail of the external view of a handle on a Skyline entrance door
Detail of the handle on a Skyline Entrance Door

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