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Wooden boiserie equipped with illuminated metal panels

Wood panelling is not just a two-dimensional decoration element but, depending on the environment, it can also serve a practical purpose. For example, the gap between the wood panel and the wall is an excellent solution to neatly hide electrical cords, wires or other technological devices, without using the walls. Wall panelling is also an ideal choice for concealing wardrobes or other service rooms: raised frames facilitate door gripping and opening.

Equipped boiserie par excellance is the one that accommodates a broad range of functions: it can become a wall that brings together sound systems and TV in the living area, or it can be installed to accommodate a bookcase or other ornaments, with shelves and modules that create movement in design and make it an ideal example of functionality and beauty. Abaco boiserie features a repositionable central strip that assembles all sockets, as well as a pleasant interplay of functional LED lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere.

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