brise soleil system with aluminium cord

View of the lfit and slide in natural finish wood

Brise-soleil with metal slats for outdoors, is made up of pre-painted cold-profiled aluminium louvres (94 mm wide) with a gasket inserted on profiling which muffles noise and improves the darkening effect of the blind. The slats have alternated at their ends the high resilience aluminium alloy sliding pegs, between the lateral rails.

The slats are connected to one another by the adjustment device made up of plaited polyester-coated carbon fibre wires; the cable is fixed to the slat by stainless steel staples folded inside the slat. The base of the packet of slats is made by a terminal profile of extruded aluminium which is anodized or painted in the same colour as the slats.

spaccato tecnico frangisole con cordina in alluminio

The slats are raised by a stabilized tape and coated in graphite which guarantees durability in time. The down movement is possible with the slats closed and the up movement with the slats open; they can be adjusted at any position in the stroke.

The ateral tracks are made of extruded aluminium (dimensioni 22×24 mm), which is anodized or painted with polyester powder paint in the same colour as the slats. A double polyethylene soundproof gasket is inserted in the tracks.

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