Villa Taranto, view of the main façade with swimming pool
the ideal holiday home

By letting yourself be enveloped in a landscape that leaves you breathless, this house has all the qualities to be ideal vacation home we would all like to have. Overlooking the sea of Puglia, the house is designed as an open space, to the benefit of brightness and aeration. Fresh colors of all materials, white and light gray, create an atmosphere of luxurious simplicity; wood and aluminum doors and windows are the ideal setting for the landscape and the dream sky.

View of the main elevation
View of the rear courtyard
View of the rear terrace
Detail of the aluminum sunscreen
Evening view of the rear elevation
Evening view of the sunshade
Villa Taranto, evening view of the main façade
invitrum and villa taranto

Pure lines and the color used, transform a functional space into a precious design element, the aesthetics of all openings is an added value for the technology and derives from the choice of authentic materials and the best of made in Italy design. The space used as a ground-floor veranda is entirely open to the sea: the bi-folding door system seems to be born for this house and for this purpose.

View of the all-glass bifold
Detail view of the all-glass bifold
View of the closed all-glass bifold
View of the half-open all-glass bifold
View of the closed all-glass bifold
Detail of the sashes of the bifold system
Detail of the glass floor on the external portico of Villa Taranto

For other openings, Invitrum windows have been chosen: here the glazing is both, the central and the supportive element of the sash, without any interruption. An elegant solution that gives light and modernity to windows and doors.

Detail view of the chrome handle
View of the living area with Invitrum lift and slide
View of the staircase with sliding lift in the background
Detail of the lift and slide handle
View of the Invitrum lift and slide
View of the living area with lowered sunshade
Fixed window in the bathroom
View of the single-sash window with aluminum sunshades