Facade of Villa Savona, cover image
purity of forms exalted by white colour

Developed on a single level of the Ligurian mountains slopes, at the very first impact this villa shows its vocation for simplicity and minimalistic atmosphere.

White color, which dominates inside and outside, emphasizes the volumes and meaningful surfaces of the residence; parquet and walnut colored doors and windows perfectly match the context, warming the interiors, also dominated by the white of furniture and appliances. Neutral tones and ample illumination make it a source of well-being, guaranteeing comfort and relax for its inhabitants.

View of the porch with two lift and slide doors
Lateral elevation of Villa Savona with wooden windows in natural finish
General view of the internal open space
View of the wooden lift and slide of the dining area
View of the lift and slide of the dining room with brise soleil
View of the lfit and slide in natural finish wood
View of the hallway of the villa
View of the porch of the villa with two lift and slide doors
External view of the lift and slide of the living room
skyline minimal frames and villa savona

The large glazed surfaces Skyline Minimal Frames, enabled by narrow wooden profiles, ensure a great visual permeability with the surrounding environment. Privacy is guaranteed by sunblinds with metal slats that, besides having the possibility of being locked with an important security closure, provide excellent shading.

Particular attention to detail has also been given to chrome handles which, with their modern and rigorous lines, distinguish the design of the windows and doors and remain in perfect harmony with metal finishes of the rest of the house.

Detail of the sash of the lift and slide in the living room
View of the kitchen with two lift and slide widnows
View of the windows in the kitchen with aluminium brise soleil
Detail of the lift and slide window in the kitchen
Detail of the lift and slide window in the kitchen
Detail of the lift and slide of the kitchen with brise soleil with cord in aluminium
External view of a window with mosquito net
View of the window with visible hinges
Front view of the window two sashes in the bedroom