settle in with elegance and in the right context
View of the facade of the villa with wooden shutters

Image and practicality combine to provide simple use with beauty. Innovative or classic designs to elegantly decorate the urban context.

External screens further protect glass from the atmospheric agents and burglary attempts and:

  • naturally regulate room lighting
  • protect against indiscreet onlookers
  • improve climate comfort
  • simplify cleaning
  • have an increased durability
External view of three Alu 90 Bronze windows with lacquered wooden shutters

Thanks to guaranteed varnishing, maintenance is reduced and simple. Maximum reliability and resistance are guaranteed with:

  • VERTICAL SLAT SHUTTERS with modern and balanced lines, thickness 44 mm;
  • SCANDOLA if you do not want to renounce traditions with internal horizontal and external vertical slats, thickness 44 mm;
  • SHUTTERS with open and closed oval slat or traditional centre.

All types of openings can be manufactured and custom-made shutters are available upon request.

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