View of a living area with an entire Skyline glass wall in wood and aluminium
the fifth gem of the bvlgari luxury hospitality

Designed with attention to detail typical of all the jewels of the Maison, the structure takes on the challenges of the environment, and combines its contrasts in an original and sophisticated solution. The new resort is the result of refined Bvlgari style, professionalism and taste of its design team led by architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel and made in Italy design.

View of an elevation with a glass wall with a bronze finish aluminium profile
External view of a corner of the building with a glass wall with a wooden profile covered in bronze finish aluminium
View of the entrance to the resort
General view of the hotel with Skyline windows
View of the open space with two full-height glass walls of natural oak wood profiles
skyline minimal frames and bvlgari hotel & resort

The goal, as explained by Citterio himself, was not purely architectural, but also social: how is it possible to design a living space on a newly born island? How to create a sense of community, proximity and therefore comfort in a property that is spread over 158,000 square meters? The harshness of the desert challenge has been successfully won and an important recognition must certainly be given to closure systems. Large sliding doors connect living rooms with vast shaded terraces; floor-to-ceiling windows give guests the feeling of being outdoors, guaranteeing the idea of luxury linked to green, to privacy and to tranquility of the interiors.

Windows and doors collection Skyline Minimal Frames, chosen personally by the architects complies with all the required characteristics:

  • minimal profiles, with essential design that allows continuity between inside and outside;
  • natural materials, oak wood with clear and warm finishing for the inside, aluminum cladding in bronze finish resistant to all atmospheric agents for the outside;
  • a modern technology that creates an intelligent window with excellent technical performances.
Bedroom with wall entirely dedicated to the lift and slide door with two oak doors
View of a bedroom with wooden lift and slide with aluminium cladding
View of a glass wall with custom oak wood profile
View of a room with wooden glazed wall
Glass wall in wood with minimal profile
View of the window system of a bedroom
View of an interior with two wooden glass walls