Vista del salone principale dello studio d'arte Firenze

“Beauty is necessary”

Located in a period building on the edge of the historic city centre, Studio d’Arte Firenze is a “beauty container”. The project signed Claudio Nardi Architects transformed a bourgeois apartment into a multifunctional space, where tradition and innovation meet in an open and constantly evolving dialogue. The Art Studio is a blank canvas, a container of experiences, a neutral space that brings together the inspirations and activities of Felice Limosani, an expert in avant-garde and new languages. The artist’s creative activity is welcomed in every phase, from conception to realization, and the studio-laboratory is tailored to fit his expressive freedom.

The architect started from the concept of abstraction to highlight new volumes, white surfaces interspersed with a few contrasting elements and the solidity of the materials used. Spacious and comfortable rooms develop in a continuous and coherent thread, creating a scenographic setting of a great visual impact. The first setting that the visitor “experiences” is a manifesto of the artist’s activity and passions. The large bright living room introduces the artist’s interests: a wide variety of readings arranged on the beautiful made-to-measure bookcase that covers the entire wall, as well as cleverly arranged design objects and collections of CDs and vinyl records.

View of the living room and the corridor towards the offices of the Florence Art Studio
View of the custom bookcase wall from the Firenze Art Studio, with three white lacquered Skyline windows
Detail of a double-hung Skyline window
View of the main hall of the Florence Art Studio
Dining area with two double hung Skyline casement windows

To the right of the living room we find a filter area dedicated to service rooms (bathrooms and kitchen) concealed by a wall featuring wooden slats, which screens efficiently while creating an elegant decorative motif at the same time. Beyond the pivot door, covered with the same wooden cladding, we find the spaces dedicated to the offices, divided by functional glass partitions. To the left of the living area, there is a large gallery dedicated to video projections and meetings with customers.

Skyline Minimal Frames and Studio d’Arte Firenze

For the numerous windows of the Studio d’Arte Firenze, the product chosen best suited both, the style of the pre-existing building and the new interior design: a minimal window frame in lacquered fir, featuring an exceptionally narrow frame that blends with the white volumes and lets in as much natural light as possible. Skyline Minimal Frames collection is ideal for historic buildings thanks to its adaptability to any type of context. Being a period building, the request specified windows in a dark walnut color on the outside, so as not to alter the conformity of facades: a bi-color window was therefore created, which allowed maximum freedom for color choice on the inside.

The original window frames of a traditional profile, with bottom ashlars panels, have been replaced by full-glass windows and French windows, manufactured using structural bonding. With their height exceeding 3 meters, French windows in the offices and in the dining room open up the spaces to a completely new luminosity for this building, with an immediate beneficial effect. The Maico Tronic System anti-theft device and the manually operated built-in mosquito nets complete a product that respects the customer’s needs and makes his studio a comfortable place to live and to work.

View of the office with two Skyline patio doors in white lacquered fir
Studio projection room with four Skyline Modern windows
Meeting area of the Florence Art Studio
Detail of the external retractable manual mosquito net
External view of the two-tone window