Vista generale di Villa Arezzo

Uniqueness finds its way in the details

In close proximity to the hometown of artists such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo, surrounded by one of the most iconic sceneries of Italian nature, Villa Arezzo distinguishes itself for its contemporary style which emphasizes elegance via the use of clean lines and simple volumes. To achieve harmony of the elements, the essential design of this villa was shaken up with dynamic and innovative features, most notably through an interplay between full and empty spaces. Wide glass openings and white surfaces are equally balanced, creating a direct connection between indoor and outdoor, and allowing natural light to fill the whole house.

Side elevation of Villa Arezzo
Detail view of the main façade of Villa Arezzo with Skyline lift and slide doors
View of the main façade of Villa Arezzo
Rear facade of Villa Arezzo
Rear elevation of Villa Arezzo with the lift and slides of the bedrooms and bathroom

One of the most distinctive elements of this villa, which gives originality and uniqueness to the project, is the knee-type opening sunshade located on the front side. This architectural piece is used both as a control system for sun light and as a visual feature: the covering of wooden slats extends on a part of the façade interrupting the white volumes and adding texture to the composition. The wooden essence chosen for this particular sunshade, Canadian red cedar, was also picked for the external cladding of the custom-made entrance door.    

Front view of the knee type opening
View of the wooden knee type opening sunblind
Main facade of Villa Arezzo with detail of the open knee type opening

Skyline Minimal Frames and Villa Arezzo

Windows and doors of Villa Arezzo enhance the concept behind the entire project: designed for minimal visual weight while maintaining structural integrity, these lift and slide windows have a frame of just 37 mm and finishes of sampled mordenzato oak. Big openings with Skyline Sliding are perfect to push the limits of glass panes granting an open visual of the landscape before them.

Detail of the all-glass corner of the living area of Villa Arezzo
View of the living room of Villa Arezzo with Skyline lift and slide and all-glass corner
View of the living room of the villa with Skyline lift and slide doors and lowered motorized blackout curtains
Detail of the upper guide of the Skyline lift and slide door
Detail of the Carminati patented recessed track

The most striking part of the property is the composition of lift and slide windows with fixed glass corner windows. Thanks to the patented recessed track on the floor, Skyline wooden lift and slide window is the only one with a super slim frame on all four sides of the sash. Designing technical solutions is a defining characteristic of Carminati Serramenti, which naturally fuses functionality and aesthetic. In fact, Carminati deposited the patent for the recessed track itself.

Detail of the patented recessed track

To shade the interior rooms, the client chose motorized blackout curtains, a practical and elegant solution that perfectly match the opening type of the window. They are integrated into the structural frame of the window, therefore the motorized curtains disappear inside the ceiling for a flush and minimalist look.

Skyline lift and slide door with modern profile in sample-stained oak
View of the dining room of Villa Arezzo with two-sashes Skyline lift and slide doors
View of the kitchen with Skyline double door lift and slide
Detail of the lift and slide door in the living area, with patented floor track
View of the two-sashes Skyline lift and slide door
Bedroom with lowered blackout curtain
View of the master bedroom of Villa Arezzo with Skyline Sliding lift and slide
Skyline two-door lift and slide door for the bathroom of Villa Arezzo
View of the Skyline single-sash patio door
External view of the bottom-hung windows of the basement